Welcome to the gateway to luxury and, potentially, an exciting career!

At Paris Gallery, you will find a home away from home amongst colleagues you will come to know as family.

A position in Paris Gallery is an unrivaled journey that may not only have a remarkable influence on your career but also likely to leave a lasting imprint on the success story of your life.

We believe in ourselves. We believe in people. We invite you to join our family!


LUXURY – Our own definition

Over the course of history, humanity has consistently pursued dreams and success. And for most, success is defined by levels of happiness, comfort, and the occasional luxury.

Paris Gallery is the embodiment of luxury in all its forms, be it the scent of finely crafted leather or aromatic perfumes, the feel of exquisitely crafted jewelry on your skin, the subtle ticking of a handcrafted timepiece, or any other spoil your imagination can conjure.

But we know that dreams and success do not only relate to the senses, it is also a matter of the heart. While our products bring joy to the hearts of our patrons, our people are the true source of our success. Our family affords every member the luxury of feeling at home.


At Paris Gallery our philosophy is to carefully select new candidates, primarily on our perception of how they will fit into our family. Once selected, you become a family member, and we always endeavor to exceed our family's expectations. We nurture everything from health and all the various relationships encountered in a large organization, to opportunities for growth and career advancement. And when the tough times come, we face them together. We listen. We care. And together, we grow.


Of course, the journey does not end once you join Paris Gallery. This moment is simply the 'key' you are handed as a symbol of our trust. What you do with your key is largely up to you. We will help develop you, give you opportunities to 'prove your worth,' and guide you along the way. We firmly believe in expanding our leadership core from within. Today's young talent are the trendsetters of tomorrow. We hope you will use your key to unlock your own potential!