JOB TITLE: Retail  Supervisor - Cosmetics

REPORTS TO: Retail  Manager

DEPARTMENT: Commercial



The Retail Supervisor is responsible for creating a competitive and profitable work environment within his/her section. Responsible for maximizing sales, minimizing cost and achieving the section’s business objectives. The Retail  Supervisor is accountable for successfully implementing and maintaining the retail outlet’s as well as the company’s policies and procedures in relation to retail turnover, stocking, customer service, human resources, staff performance, marketing, training and development.



Financial: Value of Stock and Sales Turnover.

No. of Employees Supervised:  As required by each retail outlet including Category merchandiser




  • Implementing, driving and achieving the departmental targets.

1.1   Sales:

  • Ensures that all the procedures related to the close of sales are being adhered to by the sales staff in accordance with Paris Gallery policy.
  • Ensures that the sales staff promote maximum sales of merchandise by:
    • Establishing Customer Needs.
    • Explaining Features and Benefits.
    • Overcoming Objections.
    • Selling Add-On Merchandise.
    • Provide high quality customer service.
    • Assists the salesperson in closing the sales when the situation requires.

1.2    Sales Target Administration:

  • Fairly allocates the section targets among the sales staff, taking the experience, training and shift timing factors into consideration.
  • Effectively manages and uses the staff commission system to enhance the section’s sales performance.
  • Promotes new sales techniques, through product knowledge, new launches, promotions etc.

1.3    Discount Targets:

  • Ensures that the discount target set by the management for his/her section is met.

1.4    F.O.C Targets:

  • Ensures that Free of charge products are not misused and are given to the right customer after the approval of the Showroom Manager.



  • Ensures that the Highest Standards of customer service are consistently maintained in line with Paris Gallery objectives and exists in section.
  • Ensures that any complaints are professionally and diplomatically dealt in accordance with Company procedures. Any complaints that remain unresolved are to be referred to the Showroom Manager.
  • Works in standardizing the quality of customer service provided in the section, for all customers at any time.
  • Works and finds ways to increase the customer base growth for the section.
  • Deals with any customer service problem as a major and serious concern.
  • Closely observes, guides, and leads customer care in the section.
  • Ensure staff adherences to PG customer service standardization.
  • Ensure staff adheres to PG Policies and Procedures.



  • Ensures that the company’s as well as the principal’s merchandising standards are implemented.
  • Supervises the daily replenishment of merchandize, focussing on keeping the right stock at the right times.
  • Ensures that the company’s housekeeping standards such as, department’s cleanliness and tidiness are strictly maintained.



  • Ensures the right mix of sales staff is there in the section to serve the customer and generate revenue.
  • Conducts Performance Review and Performance Appraisal for the sales staff and recommend specific actions with clear objectives. 
  • Completes in presence of the Showroom Manager the Performance Reviews sessions.
  • Conducts interim performance review* meeting every month with his/her sales staff to track the monthly sales, discount, and F.O.C figures as well as the progress of achievement.
  • Professionally manages his/her staff’s performance related discussion, handling the poor performance, maintaining good performance, handling staff resentment, etc.,  by using the Four Key Discussion Principles*.
  • Professionally and constructively criticizes and disciplines his/her staff, before referring them to the Showroom Manager.



  • Sources and formally communicates all new and changed information to all staff within the section.
  • Conducts regular section meetings for performance review, problem solving, and promotes any new ideas.
  • Coaches and supports all team members to ensure that the Showroom’s and Company objectives are consistently achieved.
  • Uses the correct Channel of communication i.e. communicates through the Showroom Manager any business related issues.



  • Ensures that the inventory is well managed and is maintained at the desired levels to generate the expected sales.
  • Ensure top selling lines are in stock, with a consistent feedback to planners and Brand managers.



  • Trains the section’s sales staff on the basic selling skills, operation of the point of sales machine, follows up with observation and corrective action, thereby ensuring a high degree of professionalism.
  • Follows up with the new employees the training programme set by the training and development department.
  • Refers to the training and development department any staff training needs or development areas for his/her staff, as well as for his/herself.
  • Attends training programmes and works on updating his/her skills and knowledge.



Ensures that his/her staff professional image at all times is in line with Paris Gallery Grooming Standards.



  • Manages the duty schedules, leave schedule, coffee break-schedule keeping in mind the Ideal mix of staff required on the floor, in coordination with the Retail Manager.



  • Ensures that all daily, weekly and monthly section related paperwork is accurately completed, including Daily Sales Reports.
  • Ensures that the daily section operations, such as stock counting, registering, repairs and other related services are accurately and effectively performed.
  • Assists in protection of store by correctly carrying out procedures or prevention of theft, reporting any staff/customer dishonesty or irregularity and reporting and/or preventing any security hazards such as fire, bomb and physical threat.




Category - Brand related issues (Daily)

Retail  Manager - Direct manager (Daily)

Area Manager - Issues related to strategic decision (Daily)

Store Controller - Day to day operations (Daily)

Inventory Dept - Stock related issues (Weekly)




Minimum high school certificate/preferably university graduate


5 years of relevant experience in the beauty industry.


  • Retail sales management principles and exposure to cosmetics and beauty care industry.
  • Customer service standards and procedures.
  • Marketing principles, promotions and events management.
  • Retail advertising, sales promotion and/or visual merchandising techniques.
  • Supplies, equipment, and/or services ordering and inventory control.
  • Procurement rules and regulations.
  • Retail floor merchandising and stock control procedures.
  • Purchase orders and related accounts payable documentation.
  • Budgeting cost estimating, and fiscal management principles and procedures.
  • Human resources management principles
  • English language.
  • Basic knowledge of computer operations.


  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Skill in organizing resources and establishing priorities.
  • Ability to foster a cooperative work environment.
  • Employee development and performance management skills.
  • Ability to supervise and train employees, to include organizing, prioritizing, and scheduling work assignments.
  • Records maintenance skills.
  • Ability to analyze and solve problems.
  • Skill in the use of computers, preferably in a PC, Windows-based operating environment.
  • Ability to make administrative/procedural decisions and judgments.
  • Ability to provide functional guidance, training, and leadership to subordinate staff within area of expertise.
  • Ability to interface and influence customers.
  • Ability to inspire, motivate and develop others.



The knowledge required for harmonizing and managing activities and functions involving combining elements of planning, organizing, directing, executing, assessing and controlling and takes account of the time scale/planning horizon in the job.

Passion for retail and able to operate independently with integrity.