JOB TITLE: Legal Advisor

REPORTS TO: Head of Legal





The purpose of this job is principally to provide legal advice and support in respect of all contracts and agreements required by various departments of the Company on a wide variety of corporate, commercial and property/ lease law HR, administration related matters.

The incumbent should be able to do research on the points of law, obtain or maintain copies of laws and regulations of the country, update the department’s legal resources.

He or she should analyse potential or proposed business and highlight the risks, involved, suggest or put in place required safeguards. Advising the company on corporate or commercial compliance is a major responsibility for this role.



  • Provide legal advice to ensure compliance with legal requirements and reduce exposure to legal risks;
  • Representing PG as legal counsel in judicial and governmental proceedings and advocating and defending its interest in those proceedings;
  • Day to day Legal Advices:  communicating with other Departments and Group companies and provide the required legal assistance as and when required;
  • Prepare and draft constitutive instrument of the Group and its subsidiaries as well as the internal regulations.
  • Revise Contracts submitted to the Group for signature to ensure that they are legally acceptable and favourable to the Group
  • Ensures that the Legal Department appropriate handles registering of Groups Offices Overseas, if any, once the approvals are received, look into the Labour Laws, Employment Contracts etc.
  • Prepare Contracts, Letter and Legal Documents for submission by the Group to other Parties
  • Liaise between Group and outside Lawyers at the Group’s Corporate Office and outstations on all related legal matters including settlement of claims, litigation to defend legal actions on behalf of the Group and Performing other legal work.
  • Drafting and review of Specialized Property/ Lease related contracts such as use Lease Agreements, Maintenance Contracts, and Engineering Contracts etc.
  • Assist the Legal Consultant / Head of the Legal Dept in d tracking, updating and managing company’s  trademark portfolio under the Intellectual Property Rights.



  • Fully Qualified Lawyer of a good standing admitted to practice law either in the UAE or in the UK with at least 5- 8 years experience.
  • In court appearances in civil litigation or a similar experience as a solicitor in a law firm or a corporate set up or a mixture of both



  • 5-8 Years of Work Experience, preferably in the Commercial Organization. Experience of having worked in different industry and previous experience in working in the Middle East.



  • Good knowledge of UAE and International Laws relating to Contracts/ Properties etc; 
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft World, Internet, E-mail….etc.



  • An excellent analytical ability
  • Good communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Service oriented, commercially aware with the retail/distribution industry related areas and be capable of working on a diverse range of matters at the same time